Frequently Asked Questions


 How do I report a bug?

To report a bug please use the support mail provided on the Support page. When reporting a bug please provide the following information:

  • The version of JasperAssistant used.
  • The version of Eclipse IDE used.
  • The contents of the log file found at <ECLIPSE_HOME>/workspace/.metadata/.log
 Where can I find the documentation?

Once the JasperAssistant plug-in is installed, the documentation is available from the standard Eclipse IDE Help. It can be accessed from the Eclipse IDE Menu:

Help->Help Contents->JasperAssistant User Guide.

For other references please visit the documentation section.

 How can I move/resize report elements using keyboard?

The documentation for this can be found in the "Key Bindings" section of the User Guide:

. and >

Switch to the resize/move mode. By pressing the key repeatedly you can switch to different modes indicated by cursor change. Use arrow keys to resize/move the element.

Note that starting with version 1.5.4 for Eclipse 3.x you can use Ctrl+Arrows for move and Ctrl+Shift+Arrows for resize.

 How can I make JasperAssistant work with Microsoft JDBC driver for SQL Server?
The problem is that the JDBC driver for Microsoft SQL Server is distributed in 3 different jars. The database data source configuration interface does not allow to specify more than one jar file (which is enough in most of the cases). Until the interface is improved the following workaround can be used. Create a single JAR file by including the contents of all the 3 original jar files and then specify it in the database data source configuration dialog.
 How can I develop and use scriptlets?
First of all if you have to use a Java project for your reports if you want to perform parallel Java/report development. Scriptlet is a regular Java class that extends the dori.jasper.engine.JRDefaultScriptlet class provided by JasperReports. To attach the scriptlet to your report you have set the report's "Scriptlet Class" property to the full qualified class name of the scriptlet class. You will also need to adjust the classpath of your Eclipse project to include the JasperReports library. JasperAssistant provides the LIB_JASPERREPORTS variable that you can add to the classpath of your project.
 I've installed the plug-in under Eclipse 3.0 but the plug-in is not accessible. What can I do?
Eclipse 3.0 has sometimes problems with automatically activating plug-ins. Try the following:
  • From the menu, select Help->Software Updates->Manage Configuration. In the Product Configuration Dialog, first make sure that Show Disabled Features is toggled to ON in the toolbar.
  • Now drill down in the Eclipse Platform tree view. Both the Graphical Editing Framework 3.0.0 (GEF) and JasperAssistant need to be present (if not, they are not installed) and enabled.
It is possible that after this action the plug-in is still not accessible. This is due to a bug in Eclipse 3.0 that in certain cases prevents the plug-in from activating. In this case simply delete the 'configuration' folder under the Eclipse installation root and restart the IDE. Note that this is a safe operation that does not affect any important configuration data. Alternatively, you can start Eclipse using the following command line:
eclipse -clean
 Report compilation errors do not show up in Tasks View/Problems View. What can I do?
After the plug-in installation, under certain conditions, Eclipse does not automatically enable JasperAssistant errors to be shown in the Problems View(Eclipse 3.0)/Tasks View(Eclipse 2.1.x). You need to enable them manually in the "Filters..." dialog which is accessible from the Problems/Tasks View menu. Ensure that the "JasperAssistant Problem" item is checked.
 How can I use JasperAssistant on Solaris?
To avoid problems (SWT/AWT conflicts) under Solaris and perhaps also other UNIX like systems, use the following command line when launching Eclipse:
eclipse -vmargs -Djava.awt.headless=true
 The designer toolbars do not show up after an upgrade. What can I do?
Those upgrading from a previous version of JasperAssistant, should enable the toolbars in the "Customize Perspective..." dialog, accessible from the context menu of the IDE toolbar.
 Is Mac OS X supported?
JasperAssistant plug-in works on Mac OS X on Eclipse 3.3 and higher. Due to a bug in Eclipse IDE, Mac OS X is not supported on older versions.