What is it ?

JasperAssistant is a visual report designer for JasperReports, a popular open-source reporting engine. It is built on top of the Eclipse's plug-in architecture and its main goal is to help you create JasperReports report definition files through an intuitive graphical interface.

Why JasperAssistant ?

JasperAssistant opens for you the door to the best open-source reporting engine available - JasperReports. JasperReports offers you a free reporting library for your commercial and non-commercial Java projects with no deployment or any other fees. JasperAssistant in its turn gives you a professional designer that is able to save you a great amount of development time. Combine the two, and you get an accessible reporting solution which easily matches many high-priced commercial counterparts.


  • Design and layout your reports using an intuitive visual interface and avoid the need for XML editing of JasperReports templates.
  • Take advantage of Eclipse IDE integration and effectively combine Java and JasperReports development.
  • Efficiently locate and correct report problems using precise error indications.
  • Preview your reports instantly using live data from a JDBC database connection, an XML document, JavaBeans array or a custom data source.
  • Export and preview your reports in PDF, Excel, HTML, CSV and XML formats.

Detailed Feature List

Tool of choice of the JasperReports Team !

JasperAssistant is a tool of choice of the JasperReports Team. All the samples coming with the JasperReports distribution are designed and tested using our report designer !

JasperAssistant seen by others

What JasperAssistant does best is to completely cover all JasperReports functionality with its visual designer based on Eclipse GEF. Instead of manually editing a proprietary XML format, you'll just drag and drop components from the palette and edit them into the properties view. You can drag and drop report parameters from the report outline view into the designer and they automagically transform into adequate text fields. But where JasperAssistant really shines is at the tedious work of adjusting, aligning and sizing components, as well as auto-completion for parameters/variables/fields; this is precisely the moment when you start to fully appreciate the power of a visual editor.

Adrian Spinei, Independent Consultant, www.jroller.com/page/aspinei

JasperAssistant made working with JasperReports easier and faster. Its ease of use and integration with Eclipse has certainly minimized the amount of work needed to include powerful and attractive reporting capabilities - even for smaller applications. The integrated preview function made report design more interactive, which in turn lowered development time. I highly recommend it.

Jan Tietze, Product Strategist, computer & competence GmbH, www.cuc.de

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